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Mountain Massage

Massage Therapy in Pagosa Springs

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Hot Stone massage  

Enjoy the relaxing warmth of hot stones gliding down your muscles, melting away muscle tension and soreness. This Swedish massage therapy in Pagosa Springs utilizes hot stones and all natural oils to relax and restore the body. Oils to choose from are Jojoba or Coconut.

Aromatherapy massage

Light to medium pressure, this massage uses base oil mixed with an esssential oil or oil blend, to enhance the massage experience.  Essential oils have been used for thousand of years to treat illness.  When combined with massage the healing effect is magnified.  Enjoy the selection process with your therapist as he guides you in selecting your essential oil or blend with custom massage techniques.

Essential Oil massage 

This spa treatment is similar to Aromatherapy massage and uses customized essential oil blends from Oil Lady. These Oil Lady blends are especially formulated to treat disorders in your energy centers or Chakras.This aroma therapy deeply relaxes the body and mind, healing spiritually as well as physically.Then the client is blind folded and makes his or her selection based on their own olfactory response, which is what the body wants.The top smelling blends are selected for spritizing and massage. The therapist starts with client face up, spritzing aroma therapy to begin relaxation. Massaging the head and face followed by a full body Swedish massage using the selected Chakra healing blend. In the tradition of Ayurvedic medicine, we end the massage with hot towels to clean and refresh feet, hands and face. Very relaxing and rejuvenating for both body and soul.

Hot Oil

Light to medium pressure, this massage uses heated oils to perform Swedish massage.  Client can choose from traditional draping, European draping or the recommended half body draping which adds to the masssgae integration and connectivity.  Hot oils are slowly distributed and liberally applied to entire length of the body.  This instantly relaxes your skin.  This allows the first layer of stress to melt away during multilayer approach tor relaxation. Oils to choose from are 100% pure Jojoba oil or 100% pure coconut oil.  Very relaxing massage that enhances the skins elascity and health.

La Stone Therapy

For a relaxing restorative experience try this original multifaceted technique designed to benefit the clients mind, body and spirit. La Stone therapy is the original hot and cold stone massage, that integrates energy work with stone massage. Stones have been used for healing for thousands of years, by many cultures. Native Americans shamans, Haiwiian's (Kahona stone healing), Japanese monks and many more cultures use stones for healing. Ancient healers use the load stone which is magnetized. La Stone therapy utilizes hot and cold stones to go beyond the physical experience of a typical hot stone massage. This contemporary approach combines the best in stone massage with Chakra harmonizing and balancing.

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